Tuesday 30 August 2016

What is going on - An icebreaker workshop

An icebreaker workshop for larps that include tension and mystery as primary topics.
It seeks to break shyness, put in contact between participants and set their actions and reactions in the larp to come.

Participants stand in a circle. One of them steps inside and moves around its border looking the others into the eye. Randomly stops in front of other participant and asks: “What is going on?” the second participant answers “I don't know”
Both question and answer should be played and carry emotions as fear, anger, etc...
After the answer both interact according to the feelings displayed by hugging, threatening, comforting, etc
Once finished the first participant sits down and the second takes its place, interacting only with those that stand.
When all but one are sitting, all stand up and the process continues.
There can be as many rounds as necessary.
Participants can choose a friend during the first round, but should avoid doing it in the next ones.
Also it is advisable that two participants do not interact twice.
If participants know their character body language and personality they can make use of it.
The degree of the emotions starts low and grows as the runs go on.
This workshop is meant for small groups. If required several circles can take place at the same time.
Participants can use the way others act and react as inspiration for their own characters.

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