Wednesday 14 September 2016

Basic meditation technique for larps

A simple meditation technique to be used before or during a larp.

Due to this technique's simplicity it can be taught during workshops, making it perfect for larping.

In case a participant already knows a silent technique they feel more comfortable with they are free to use it.


Participants sit comfortably in a place that allows them to support their backs and if possible their arms.
During the meditation participants focus on counting their breathing.
Breathing will take place in  four steps:
Breath in, hold (full of air), breath out, hold (empty of air)

The duration of each step will be counted in times. A time is not a second but a measure relative to each person, the one they feel comfortable with.
The tempo will be 4-2-4-2. So as said before:

  • Breath in                  -  4 times
  • Hold (full of air)      -  2 times
  • Breath out                -  4 times
  • Hold (empty of air)  -  2 times
Once the meditation has taken place participants should not be urged or hurried right away, since all the benefits will be destroyed. Instead some empty time for them to recover is recommended.

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